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    A Whole New World

    May 15, 2016

    Did you know there are about 400,000 types of flowers in the world? And 150 known species of roses?

    The variety of arrangements you could create is absolutely enormous, we can’t even begin to calculate the number of possibilities! While your local florist or flower supplier may not carry all 400,000 types of species, they do carry the most popular and well loved flowers not just in the world but in your local community. Quite a few of these same florists might have caught on to the growing market of flower printing to bring an exclusive experience and personalized touch to their products for their customers that some exotic flowers cannot even compare to. And how did they do this? By using a flower printer from Speaking Roses.

    Speaking Roses‘ flower printer allows florists to upgrade and give each and every arrangement a personal touch that can truly be called one-of-a-kind. It also opens up a whole new world in terms of bouquet options and customization. With the flower printer, florists can print photographs their customers have taken, a meaningful phrase or name onto the petals of a beautiful rose. Every event is accounted for with a flower printer, whether it be a Sweet Sixteen party or an Anniversary. To add a touch of unique flair, you really can’t go wrong with printing that heartfelt message on a rose.

    But it doesn’t have to end with a rose. You can be printing on tulips, lilies, and so much more! If it’s got a petal it can be printed on. Whether it’s organic, wood, plastic, metal, blue, green, or even orange, the possibilities are really endless. And with the creativity our licensees’ bring to the table, not only are they endless, but the possibilities will all, no doubt, be just as beautiful as they are boundless.

    One of the most important aspects about our licensee program and the equipment provided, is that there are no special skills required. There is also no heavy equipment, but instead everything that is used can even be set up in your kitchen or living room, or even your home office which allows anyone to do the work from the comfort of home. Stay at home parents, college students, or even current business owners can take advantage of this program to help bring in some extra cash or even create their own full-time job all right out of their kitchen.

    Speaking Roses helps you every step of the way by providing the tools, videos, and -very important- live customer support to get you going, and answer any and all questions you may have regarding our products.

    So take a chance, and set your creativity free by checking out our website and seeing if Speaking Roses is for you.

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