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The Pink Ice Ball

January 16, 2012

The Pink Ice Ball in the UK
The most glamorous event of the year in the UK is the Pink Ice Ball. It is held at the Hurlingham Club in London, England and celebrities from TV, Hollywood, and the catwalk help to raise funds for cancer research. Not only did many celebrities attend, but they each received beautiful embossed pink roses from our UK Speaking Roses licensee, and posed to take their pictures with the roses.


Speaking Roses at Slovenian Fashion Show

January 4, 2012

Our Slovenian Licensees Karmen and Igor Veljkovic enjoys another huge success with Speaking Roses! One of Slovenia’s top designers, Maja Ferme, created the designs for the show and wanted Speaking Roses embossed with her logo given to all of the participants. Please enjoy these beautiful photos from the show, which was attended by many important Slovenian business-women and entrepreneurs, many of whom modeled fashions on the catwalk. Each one of them received a Speaking Rose with Maja Ferme’s logo on it, and the event was covered by a major tv station and Elle magazine. Please check out Channel 24’s link at
and Elle magazine’s link at
Congratulations Karmen and Igor!


Happy New Year!

December 31, 2011

Don’t let the New Year ring in without giving this remarkable New Year’s wish to your loved ones! What a way to celebrate a wonderful time of year!Happy New Year!Happy New Year


Happy Holidays

December 15, 2011

Make this Holiday Season better than ever with printed poinsettias from Speaking Roses! It will be a hit with your family and a new Christmas tradition!
So many people around the world have used Speaking Roses to add a new look to their holiday decorations – don’t be one of the few to miss out on this unique, amazing way to convey your holiday feelings!


Our Poland licensee knocks it out of the park!

December 6, 2011

Over the years we’ve had a lot of successes at Speaking Roses, both as a company and among our licensees all over the globe. But a recent addition to our family, Lucasz Nycs from Poland, has really taken the ball and run with it in a way we’ve never before seen!
Only three months after signing up to sell and distribute the Speaking Roses product, Lucasz signed an agreement with Procter and Gamble in Poland to produce SIXTY THOUSAND Speaking Roses embossed with the logo from Procter and Gamble’s latest addition to their product line.
These roses will be distributed all over Poland to advertise P & G’s new product, and Lucasz is well on his way to making Speaking Roses the promotional product of choice in his area. His vision for his business includes using what he’s learned from this experience and doing the same with other companies like Procter and Gamble, and he feels that if he doesn’t make a million during his first year with Speaking Roses, he’ll be surprised.
Either way, Lucasz, you’re full of surprises!  We’re looking forward to seeing more of you out there doing the same!


Speaking Roses licensee adds to celebration of Banner Good Samaritan Hospital Centennial

November 8, 2011

The Banner Good Samaritan Hospital of Pheonix, Arizona recently celebrated their 100 year anniversary, and our Speaking Roses licensee Carol was there to help them spread the word with 1,200 beautiful embossed roses.
She embossed the roses with the Banner Good Samaritan logo and they were used as a promotion of the amazing event. Some of the people attending the celebration were the recipient of the world’s first kidney transplant, and a mother of quadruplets, both success stories from the hospital’s years of service.
Here are some pictures from the event, including one of Carol with some of her 1,200 roses, which she was happy to say, were easy to produce even though a few short months ago she was afraid to print even 24!
Congratulations Carol on a job well done!


For the person who has everything!

November 2, 2011

It can be frustrating to try to get a gift for the person who has everything, or who has the means to buy everything they want. You want their gift to be something they will cherish, and this means it has to be unique, if not amazing. Customized gifts can be the answer, and in a day when personalization is in such high demand, using a personalized gift to make a lasting impression on that special someone is a great idea. Each time they see the gift that you custom designed for them, theyll think of you.

But simply engraving someones name on their gift is not unique enough to make that impression. The customizing has to evoke emotion in them that no one else can evoke. You need a form of expression that can remind them of a special time you shared together, a special song, or favorite moment.

Speaking Roses is the perfect medium for your customized phrase or message. Imagine being able to print any phrase, quote, song, love note or message directly onto the petals of a live, fresh red rose in gold, bronze or silver metallic ink, and then giving it to the person you want to impress. It can be for a special occasion, or any occasion whatsoever.

Now imagine how many other people you know that would like to be able to do this for their loved ones. Flowers with a message make the perfect gift and the market for such a possibility is huge.

Not only do they make the perfect gift, they are the perfect touch for proms, weddings and funerals. Since laser technology makes it possible to put photos on the petals of white roses (live or silk), prom dates can have their photos on their boutonieres and corsages, or their names and the date of the dance. Wedding flowers will have a special touch if the names of the bride and groom and their wedding date appear on their flowers. And there is no better way to remember a loved one than to emboss funeral flowers with
We love you, dad or Well always remember you.

Check into this amazing product today at


Exciting news from Slovenia!

October 25, 2011

Listen to this everybody!  Our licensee in Slovenia signed a contract with a nightclub in Ljubljana to provide flowers for the performers that they book there.

A really famous and popular international singer by the name of Balkan-Jelena Karleusa was given a bouquet of flowers with her initials and photos embossed on them and this well-known and very successful diva really flipped over them.  She had never heard of Speaking Roses before but when she saw the bouquet she couldn’t quit exclaiming over them, saying that she couldn’t believe her photo and initials were on a rose, and how wonderful it was.  She was so impressed that she couldn’t quit saying thank you!

The photographers began to compete with each other for the chance to be the first to take pictures of her with her bouquet of Speaking Roses.  It turned out to be such a big deal that before going to sleep later that night she took the time to post a photo of her bouquet on Facebook and comment on how beautiful it was.

A popular Slovenian website picked up the story and wrote an article about her bouquet just a few days later.  You can see the article right here for yourself – http:/

The news about Speaking Roses is really buzzing in Slovenia and we hope that all of our licensees can use this example to do similar things for themselves in their own areas.


Message Sending: 2011 AD

September 1, 2011

Message sending has certainly changed over the years, and today’s era of personalization and technology demands a New Way of Expression.

All throughout history, man has been trying to find the perfect way to send a message.  Cavemen wrote on the walls of their homes, lords and ladies communicated through falcons, and the Pony Express raced heartfelt epistles to distant loved ones.  Whether the messages were sealed with wax or rolled up in a bottle, it was always the hope of the sender that they would have a huge impact on the one they were intended to impress.

Today we live in a world of fast moving societies and rapidly changing technology.  No one would ever wait around for a carrier pigeon or a runner to deliver a message.  Constantly checked emails, instant messaging, and texting are the chosen way of communication.  And no one is complaining, because it’s fast, easy and suits today’s lifestyle perfectly.  A more personal touch type of message is easily passed up for the convenience and accessibility of electronic messages.

Well, what would you think about the opportunity to combine today’s love of whiz bang technology with the romance and sentiment of one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations, the flower?  In this way one could give their messages the desired classic and sentimental feel, and still be able to compete with today’s futuristic demands.

A company by the name of <a href=””>Speaking Roses</a> in Salt Lake City, Utah has patented the process to print on live, fresh flowers, giving new meaning to the old saying, “Say it with Flowers”.  This means that heartfelt messages, handwritten notes, and company logos can be printed on the petals of flowers to make the perfect love note, invitation, or advertisement.  And as if that were not enough, they’ve raised the bar in message sending by enabling their customers to create video messages that can be embedded into the petal of a rose or other flower.  This means that the romantic and meaningful gift of a flower can enable the recipient to view a personalized video message simply by holding the flower in front of a webcam or smartphone.

In today’s era of personalization, this gives advertisers and Romeos alike the opportunity to send a message that will be unique and noteworthy.  Those who receive a video message on a flower will be very unlikely to forget its significance.  Advertisers will find it easier to get the attention of their market when their calling card is a flower that speaks and activates a video.

If you think you could use the opportunity this technology offers, check them out at


Innovation in Business

September 1, 2011

Once upon a time, a wise man said, you cannot have the benefits of wealth, without enlisting the energy of diversity and innovation.  This was Joel Barker, who is an independent scholar and futurist. Because he was the first person to popularize the concept of paradigm shifts, he is known around the world as the “Paradigm Man.”

His work began in 1975 and he pioneered the concept of paradigm shifts to explain profound change in industry and the importance of vision to drive change within organizations. The prestigious Library Journal listed his book, Future Edge, which was published in 1992, as one of the most influential business books of that year.

So why does Joel say that diversity and innovation are so important in creating wealth?  As an example, he tells of the stronghold that Swiss-made watches had on the watch industry was not enough to guarantee its success once digital watches were invented.  Products must always be able to change with the times, and having more than one distinct use for an invention guarantees that it will be in demand even when the times change.  You can read more about this in Joel Barker’s videos, “Diversity, Innovation and Wealth” and “The New Business of Paradigms” at

Now you might ask yourself, “How can I find an innovative product that will allow me to tap into multiple markets because of its varied uses?”

Would you be interested in a product that could be sold in the floral industry, the gift industry, the greeting card industry, and was such a hit in the promotional industry that they voted it “Best Product of the Year” at the 2005 PPIA Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Well, what about combining the beauty of Mother Nature with the personalization of the 21st century in a way that creates an emotional response never before seen?  This is what <a href=>Speaking Roses</a> has done by creating a patented process to emboss custom text, heartfelt messages, company logos and even photos directly onto the petals of  live, fresh flowers.  This process can even be done to silk flowers.

Take your entrepreneurial spirit on a ride you won’t forget and visit today.