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What is a Licensee?

Posted by on Jul 11 2013 | Licensees

With a Speaking Roses license, you will be given the right to print any image, phrase, design, photo, or logo on live, fresh flowers. Speaking Roses, with patent protected equipment, is the only company that has the right to license people to do this.

Owning a Speaking Roses license is NOT the same as operating a franchise. The terms and conditions to being a licensee are much less restrictive and allow a higher level of freedom than being a franchisee. You decide from what location you would like to operate. You choose which products you will offer and set your own prices. Being a licensee gives you the freedom to market as you see fit and choose how you will best meet your customers’ demands.

However, just because you are in business for yourself, you are not by yourself! We provide the equipment, training, and supplies to get you started with your very own flower printer. Then, we are with you along the way, providing tips, techniques, and the know-how necessary to be successful with your Speaking Roses licensee.

If you want to get involved with Speaking Roses, please click here to get in touch and we will be happy to answer all of your questions and assist you however we can!



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Bob and Blooming Eloquence

Posted by on Feb 26 2013 | Licensees

Last month, one of our fantastic licensees, Bob Stahlheber of Blooming Eloquence, was featured on Fox news! He explains how the Speaking Roses flower printer can create embossed roses, taking the floral industry to the next level! Congratulations, Bob, and keep it up!

Check out the video here!

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Our Poland licensee knocks it out of the park!

Posted by on Dec 06 2011 | Licensees

Over the years we’ve had a lot of successes at Speaking Roses, both as a company and among our licensees all over the globe. But a recent addition to our family, Lucasz Nycs from Poland, has really taken the ball and run with it in a way we’ve never before seen!
Only three months after signing up to sell and distribute the Speaking Roses product, Lucasz signed an agreement with Procter and Gamble in Poland to produce SIXTY THOUSAND Speaking Roses embossed with the logo from Procter and Gamble’s latest addition to their product line.
These roses will be distributed all over Poland to advertise P & G’s new product, and Lucasz is well on his way to making Speaking Roses the promotional product of choice in his area. His vision for his business includes using what he’s learned from this experience and doing the same with other companies like Procter and Gamble, and he feels that if he doesn’t make a million during his first year with Speaking Roses, he’ll be surprised.
Either way, Lucasz, you’re full of surprises!  We’re looking forward to seeing more of you out there doing the same!

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Speaking Roses licensee adds to celebration of Banner Good Samaritan Hospital Centennial

Posted by on Nov 08 2011 | Licensees

The Banner Good Samaritan Hospital of Pheonix, Arizona recently celebrated their 100 year anniversary, and our Speaking Roses licensee Carol was there to help them spread the word with 1,200 beautiful embossed roses.
She embossed the roses with the Banner Good Samaritan logo and they were used as a promotion of the amazing event. Some of the people attending the celebration were the recipient of the world’s first kidney transplant, and a mother of quadruplets, both success stories from the hospital’s years of service.
Here are some pictures from the event, including one of Carol with some of her 1,200 roses, which she was happy to say, were easy to produce even though a few short months ago she was afraid to print even 24!
Congratulations Carol on a job well done!

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