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April 2010


The Franchise King Speaks about Speaking Roses

April 27, 2010

The Franchise King (  says Speaking Roses is a low-investment niche opportunity that is really beginning to take off.  Citing the signing up of our 100th licensee as the evidence of our momentum, The Franchise King seems to believe that our forward motion may continue.

As evidence of this enthusiasm, he sent our embossed flowers to surprise his wife at her office. He shares with us his wife’s reaction to the appeal of printed flower petals. *(He notes that the following call was placed to him approximately one minute after the flowers were delivered.)

“Joel, where did these come from?

“Hi honey. Do you like them?”

“Yes! How did you get Grace’s (Grace is our daughter) picture on a dozen red and pink roses?”

“I didn’t do it.” They’re from Speaking Roses, out of California. Do you really like them?”

“They are really amazing. Everyone in my office likes them, too!”

“I wasn’t quite sure about them. I thought that you would think that they were tacky.”

“No. Not tacky at all. Tell me more, Joel…and my friends at the office, too.”

My wife’s a tough sell. And she loved the product.

We know your friends and family will love the product too, so what are you waiting for?  Contact your Speaking Roses representative today.


April 15, 2010

It’s Time to Stop and Read (about) the Roses!

Great minds throughout history have marveled at roses. Shakespeare mentioned roses over 50 times in his writings, and Confucius had over 600 books on the care of roses in his library.
Just as these two scholars felt roses should be read about, well-respected publications of today write about roses too – and not just any roses, but Speaking Roses!
Our roses have been featured in 100’s of media publications – from Family Circle and Ladies Home Journal, to In Touch, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal.
Here are just a few links to the buzz that is going on about Speaking Roses – The roses to be read, and read about!


Look what they're saying about us…

April 6, 2010

Posted on www.rosegardening101

There are dozens of pages on the web about the meaning of roses.screenshot Most are sentimental rubbish with little or any basis in fact. Roses are beautiful flowers and the gift of roses can mean whatever the sender wants.

At least, until recently…

A Utah firm, Speaking Roses, recently received a patent to imprint images and text on roses. The service is a little expensive but the idea is very clever.

“Now, ‘Say it with flowers’ is not just a phrase, it’s a reality. The rose that broke the paradigm of roses. Sure, a red rose means love and a yellow one means friendship, but now a rose can mean so much more. You can spell it out ON the rose.”

Source: Speaking Roses – It’s the Message that Makes the Difference

I happen to like roses without ink on the petals, but combining greeting card sentiments and fresh or silk flowers works nicely for personal messages. For birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and funerals the printed sentiments can add a nice touch to a single rose, bouquet, or floral spray.


Does This Face Look Familiar?

April 5, 2010

Here’s a few of the dozens of celebrities that have flipped for our flowers. Seeing their own image on a Speaking Rose has put a smile on their face – and on ours!

We put Janet Jackson’s image on a dozen white roses for Radio Music Awards.

We embossed wedding flowers for Bachelorette stars, Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter with their pictures.

Donald Trump gave roses embossed with their wedding picture to wife Melania for Valentine’s Day.

Alan Alda and Jamie Foxx loved the Speaking Roses we made for them to celebrate their Emmy Award Nominations.