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February 2011


What a flower printer is and what a flower printer is not

February 2, 2011

If you want a flower printer, there’s simply no other choice than the flower printer system designed by Speaking Roses.  Whether you want to be a flower printer that adds personalized messages to floral bouquets for holidays and special occasions, or a flower printer who can provide the perfect promotional product for any marketing campaign or advertisement, and whether you want to simply serve your local area, or cater to a national brand, you simply must check out the flower printer system that is patented by Speaking Roses.

The quality of the flower printer itself is unsurpassed, and the speed and reliability of the template maker is unmatched.  Printing flowers with this system is fast, easy, and trouble free.  With a flower printer like this, you will not be hampered by technical difficulties or slow production processes.  Even an eight year old can print 6-8 flowers a minute with this flower printer!

When you have printed a flower with this flower printer, you will not believe you eyes at the result.  The message or logo that is printed on the flower is clear and easy to read.  The impact of a logo or personalized greeting on a flower petal is tremendous.

Be the flower printer that brings this flower printing technology to your area!

Now, for what a flower printer is not.

There is a flower printer on the market that is a cheap imitation of the Speaking Roses flower printer.  We would never compare our flower printer to this flower printer, we do want you to see for yourself what it is, how it performs and what you can expect from the manufacturer in the form of customer support after you have made your investment.

The very first thing that we want to point out is that the websites that sell these flower printers,  use for their examples, photos that were taken from the Speaking Roses photo gallery.

What should that tell you right off the bat?

The working part of this flower printer is a Lexmark Z640  inkjet printer.  You can purchase this flower printer online for about $50 dollars.

The majority of the flower printer is a plastic cover that houses the Lexmark internal printer cartage rail. The paper holder and sheet feeders have been removed, and a cradle has been added to hold the flower that is to be printed.

Let’s look at some details that reflect the quality of the modifications that were performed on this Lexmark flower printer. Notice the hanging wires reflecting very poor assembly practices.  Here they used a blob of hot glue instead of the proper brackets that should be used especially when dealing with electrical wires. Note that the cartridges used are the exact same ink cartridges that come with the Lexmark inkjet Printer. The only way to explain this kind workmanship is to say that quality and reliability after the sale was of no concern the the manufacture of this novelty flower printer.

Speaking Roses has invested hundreds of hours and a small fortune to explore all of the different aspects of flower printers and has determined that inkjet printing is in no way suitable for this delicate procedure of flower printing. It simply cannot produce the standards we expect when creating a high quality product that combines the beauty of Mother Nature, personalization, and powerful emotions.

As you can see, these ink cartridges are the regular Lexmark inkjet cartridges.  The print heads and the ink in these cartridges are designed specifically for printing on flat paper.  When they are used to print on anything that is not flat, for example a rose, they simply can not perform to any acceptable level.  Roses also have natural veins and crevices which causes the head of the cartridge to clog.  Replacing plugged ink cartridges when the Lexmark ink cartridge number 27 costs $25 to $29 dollars each, is a wasteful and totally unnecessary expense. Neither the manufacturer nor Lexmark will warranty these clogged and damaged cartridges.  Our experience is you may have to replace 2 cartridges every 2 to four weeks. That amounts to $54 to $108 dollars plus tax per month in additional expenses when using this printer. That is why you can buy these inferior flower printers on Ebay so inexpensively.

We had our team of experts work with this flower printer for 2 weeks trying to learn all the techniques to optimize the process . Our conclusion: How can anyone run a business with a flower printer that is not able to do any kind of real volume, and produces a product of such poor quality, that has the look and feel of plastic.


If you are old enough to remember the Kenner Easy-Bake Oven, it was introduced in 1963 by Kenner Products, a Cincinnati, Ohio based toy company.  It took almost an hour and used a 60 watt light bulb for heat, but it in fact really did bake a real cake. It was 1/2 inch thick and the size of a cookie, but it was edible. Our assessment is that if you are going to try to use the inferior flower  printer to run a flower printing business capable of handling a request as common as a wedding, we suggest that you will be as successful as if you were to buy a Kenner Easy-Bake oven and try to run a bakery. Not a bad idea really,  if you find a wedding small enough to handle with the inferior flower printer, you could probably use your new Easy-Bake oven to make their wedding cake!

We hope that this presentation has been helpful. Best of luck to you on your flower printer purchase!