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August 2011


Is your Business Opportunity innovative?

August 22, 2011

Today we live in the perfect economy for people to decide they want an opportunity to increase their income.  This can mean a franchise, a license to create a product, or other business opportunity.  Of course, innovation is one of the most important elements that a business venture should have.

Today’s economy is all the motivation most people need to try to find a business venture or a franchise that can mean financial independence for them.  Sometimes this opportunity is a franchise, in which the parent company makes all the rules and parameters for the business, and sometimes it is a license to operate or create a product that can be added to an existing business.  Either way, one element that should always be present – and that is innovation.

Innovation is a concept taught by Joel Barker in his video <a href=>Innovation at the Verge</a>.  Joel Barker is a futurist who has studied the development of innovative markets for years and is able to explain how innovative ideas have always been the fuel for extremely successful industries.  His advice for entrepreneurs is some of the most trusted and useful advice to be found today.

One such innovative product is a patented process to print custom phrases, personal messages, company logos, photographs, and even handwriting directly onto the petals of live or silk flowers.  The ability to write on a flower creates a product that can not only increase the emotional impact of flowers, but can also help them to become the perfect combination gift with practically anything – jewelry, perfume, lingerie, chocolates and even  liquor, to name a few.  In addition, flowers can now tap into huge markets that they could never tap into before – the greeting card industry and the promotional industry being the main ones.

Flowers with a message are the perfect way to send a greeting that can be as personal and classy as it is unique.

The promotional industry voted this product that puts a message on any flower as The Best Product of the Year at a recent PPIA trade show in Las Vegas.  Thousands of promotional product distributors can’t be all wrong!

Don’t let this opportunity get away from you. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of innovation and a chance to improve your financial future.  Contact your a href=>Speaking Roses</a> representative today at


Put a video message right on a flower!

August 1, 2011

Today’s era of personalization with a technological touch is perfect for this innovative idea that combines technology with real emotion.  The idea combines Mother Nature with Star Wars technology, for a punch that’s hard to beat!

Before you decide on a gift for that special someone, or how to advertise your new product, check out a recent merging of technology with communication.  We’ve always had the ability to create home videos, but the hassle of making them prevents  us from using them except for special occasions.  Well, just imagine creating a video instantly by hitting a few keys on your computer, and then attaching the video almost like magic to the petals of a live, fresh flower.  This flower can then be waved in front of a webcam or smartphone and your video message is activated.  Because the process is so easy, video messages can easily be used for any and every occasion, whether it be an invitation to an event, directions to a party, a special message, or even an advertisement.

Video Flowers, currently being launched by Speaking Roses, promises to do for the floral industry what Star Wars did for the movie industry, by allowing video messages and 3D images to be embedded directly to the petals of live or silk flowers.  These videos and their ease of use will change communication, and the floral industry, forever.

In today’s changing business world, smart marketers will be able to be more competitive by using this technology as an advertising medium that is miles ahead of the rest.  Anyone who has a digital recording device can easily send loved ones a bouquet with their personal video message attached, capitalizing on the opportunity to speak to their loved ones’ emotions in a way never before possible.

Speaking Roses has gained widespread attention from Hollywood, as celebrities like Tom Cruise, Movie Director Alan Alda, Barbara Walters, and Janet Jackson, among many, many others, have used this unique product. It has also been used at prestigious events like Miss America, the Oscar Nominations, the Grammy Awards, the Kentucky Derby, The Rose Bowl and even used in some soap operas in other countries.

Speaking Roses products have been featured in more than 30 programs in the United States like Good Morning America, E Entertainment, Extra, Access Hollywood, Ellen DeGeneres Show, and many others around the world, and also in over 100 publications globally in newspapers and magazines like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, In Touch Magazine and People Magazine.

Speaking Roses is already in over 30 countries and is projected to be in over 100 countries in less than 5 years.  Entrepreneurs can get in on this ground breaking opportunity and change the way the world views communication.