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October 2011


Exciting news from Slovenia!

October 25, 2011

Listen to this everybody!  Our licensee in Slovenia signed a contract with a nightclub in Ljubljana to provide flowers for the performers that they book there.

A really famous and popular international singer by the name of Balkan-Jelena Karleusa was given a bouquet of flowers with her initials and photos embossed on them and this well-known and very successful diva really flipped over them.  She had never heard of Speaking Roses before but when she saw the bouquet she couldn’t quit exclaiming over them, saying that she couldn’t believe her photo and initials were on a rose, and how wonderful it was.  She was so impressed that she couldn’t quit saying thank you!

The photographers began to compete with each other for the chance to be the first to take pictures of her with her bouquet of Speaking Roses.  It turned out to be such a big deal that before going to sleep later that night she took the time to post a photo of her bouquet on Facebook and comment on how beautiful it was.

A popular Slovenian website picked up the story and wrote an article about her bouquet just a few days later.  You can see the article right here for yourself – http:/

The news about Speaking Roses is really buzzing in Slovenia and we hope that all of our licensees can use this example to do similar things for themselves in their own areas.