A flower printer that is worth it!

April 3, 2011

Whether you want to be a flower printer that puts customized messages on floral bouquets for special occasions, or a flower printer who can give your clients the perfect promotional product for advertising campaigns, and whether you want to simply serve your local area, or focus on national brands, you really need to check out the flower printer patented by Speaking Roses.

The quality of this flower printer is unsurpassed, and the template maker that comes with it is speedy and reliable. Printing flowers with this system is fast and simple, and hassle free. You won’t be hampered by technical difficulties or slow production processes with a flower printer like this. Even an eight year old can print 6-8 flowers a minute with this flower printer!

When you have printed on flowers using this flower printer, you won’t be able to believe you eyes when you see the result. The message or logo that is printed on the flower is clear and easy to read. The impact of a logo or personalized greeting on a flower petal is beyond belief.

You can be the flower printer that brings this flower printing technology to your area!

Now you need to learn about what a flower printer is not.

There are flower printers on the market that are cheap imitations of quality flower printers. While we would never compare our flower printer to this flower printer, we do want you to see for yourself what it is in regards to performance and customer support.

We had members of our team use this flower printer for a few weeks trying to learn all the techniques to optimize the process. Our conclusion: How can anyone run a business with a flower printer that is not able to do a large amount of production, and makes a product of such poor quality, that it has the look and feel of plastic.

If you remember the Kenner Easy-Bake Oven, introduced in 1963 by Kenner Products, a Cincinnati, Ohio based toy company, you’ll remember that it took a long time and used a 60 watt light bulb for heat, but it in fact really did bake a real cake. It was 1/2 inch thick and the size of a cookie, but it was edible. After seeing the inferior flower printers, we believe that if you are going to try to use the inferior flower printer to run a flower printing business capable of handling a request as common as a wedding, we suggest that you will be as successful as if you were to buy a Kenner Easy-Bake oven and try to run a bakery. Not a bad idea you know, because if you find a wedding tiny enough to handle with the inferior flower printer, you could certainly use your new Easy-Bake oven to bake their wedding cake!

If you’re looking for a quality flower printer, check out a company by the name of Speaking Roses.

Speaking Roses has available for such entrepreneurs a license to create, market and sell a product that is able to tap into 80 billion dollars worth of market opportunity. This product is a patented process for embossing custom phrases, heartfelt messages, handwriting, company logos, and even photos directly onto the petals of live or silk flowers. This process creates a product that can be a meaningful gift, a catchy advertisement or an invitation that can’t be refused.

We hope that this has been helpful. We wish you luck on your flower printer purchase!

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