New, Incredible Technology- Flower Printers!

April 30, 2012

Technology never ceases to amaze me. There is always new and improved technology of every kind to use daily in any situation. For example, the 3rd generation iPad was just announced. I still haven’t even caught up with the first and second generation to be honest. Technology is constantly adapting to the needs of the human race. One piece of technology I recently came across was the flower printer. This was whole new concept to me, and I became absorbed in the idea of it. Printing on fresh, live flowers… how? It must ruin the flower I thought.

Well it didn’t take long for me to discover it doesn’t ruin the beauty of the flower at all, if you have the right kind of flower printer. There are a few different avenues I could take to obtain a flower printer. I found several companies in Asia and watched their methods of printing on YouTube. They had to paint a kind of glue over half the flower to make the ink stay. I have to say, this kind of flower printer didn’t look too far off from what I’ve got sitting next to my computer at home. With my patience level, it seemed like quite the process as they went through steps. For me, technology is all about the fastest and most efficient way. So I kept looking and found the flower printer I expected for today’s technological advancements.

Speaking Roses is a US based company that originally created flower printers. They have designed flower printers that print 8-10 roses per minute. There is no glue involved. Their website states that the flower printer is so easy to use an 8 year old could do it! Their technology is not posted online, and patented, which explains why other flower printers cannot mimic or compare. In comparing the outcome of these two flower printers, there was a noticeable difference in quality. I discovered the glue from the first flower printer was visible; a shiny, plastic look. Whereas the Speaking Rose flower printer was embossed with quality ink that gave a very professional appearance.

Further research led me to find that the Speaking Rose flower printer is easy to transport and ship to various locations around the world. The functions and levers are simple and user friendly, no previous machine experience is necessary. The flower printer is easy to store at either a home or business location. I watched the Speaking Roses Channel on YouTube and viewed several testimonies of licensees discussing the Speaking Roses company and the quality of the flower printer. Speaking Roses invites their licensees to come to their corporate office for a 3 day hands on training to give each licensee everything they need to not only use the flower printer, but to begin their own business opportunity. So not only is the flower printer available for my own personal use, but I can even make money with it as a stay at home mother! If you want a flower printer, Speaking Roses is the company to purchase them from.

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