A Most Thoughtful Gesture

September 6, 2012

Last month I had the unfortunate experience of having to visit Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah with my three year old, Carson. We had to stay at the hospital for nearly a week. There were many friends and family members that came to visit us. It meant a lot to me and my son to have so many people come in and express their love and support.

One of my friends, Katherine, was unable to come visit us while we were in the hospital but had a beautiful bouquet of roses, personalized using a flower printer, sent to us. They were a lovely vibrant yellow (my son’s favorite color) and imprinted with the words “Get Well Soon.” She even had a few printed with his favorite cartoon character! They were absolutely gorgeous and we kept them by his hospital bed the whole time we were there and even brought them home with us.

Carson was born with a very serious heart condition but had been doing very well. He only had one more out of his five surgeries left to be performed, and things were looking good. So it was quite an emotional shock when, out of nowhere, his heart took a turn for the worst and we had to rush to the hospital and have him put in Pediatric Intensive Care immediately. It always means a lot to receive flowers from a loved one, but to have someone who made it that much more thoughtful by having a flower printer put personal messages and images on the flowers was really a new experience. I was very touched! Once we got home and settled, I called Katherine to tell her how much the flowers meant to us. She was so happy that we liked them.

Three days ago, Katherine came by to see how we were doing. This time she brought chocolates with “I Love You” imprinted on them! They were nice to look at, but even nicer to eat (the ink was edible!). She then told me about how she had joined a company called Speaking Roses, who is the inventor of this amazing flower printer. She went through the training online from her home computer and then immediately began using her new flower printer to emboss messages, images, logos, etc. on quite a variety of things. Katherine said her biggest seller was roses, but she was able to print on any type of live plant. And, as we were able to see and taste, edible products like chocolates and fruits too!

Before talking to Katherine, I had never heard of these flower printers. So I went to their site, www.speakingroses.com, to find out more information about their company. The idea of becoming a licensee quickly became very appealing, and I decided to send my information in. I can’t wait to hear more about it. Very excited!