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Floral art meets emotion with “THE NEW WAY OF EXPRESSION” created by Speaking Roses.

  • Tammy Collins, Public Relations
  • Speaking Roses, International
  • 1536 North Woodland Park Drive, Suite #130
  • Layton, Utah  84041
  • (801) 807-0106  telephone
  • (801) 807-0107  fax
  • (801) 660-7339  cell
  • tammy@speakingroses.com e-mail
  • http://www.speakingroses.com

By creating a patented process to print directly onto the petals of fresh and silk flowers, Speaking Roses has created The New Way of Expression, which will forever change the way people send personalized messages.  Speaking Roses uses patented laser technology to print images, messages, photos, and logos onto the flower petals.

The company has gained widespread attention from Hollywood, as celebrities like Tom Cruise, Movie Director Alan Alda, Barbara Walters, and Janet Jackson, among many, many others, have used this unique product. It has also been used at prestigious events like Miss America, the Oscar Nominations, the Grammy Awards, the Kentucky Derby, The Rose Bowl and even used in some soap operas in other countries.

Speaking Roses products have been featured in more than 30 programs in the United States like Good Morning America, E Entertainment, Extra, Access Hollywood, Ellen DeGeneres Show, and many others around the world, and also in over 100 publications globally in newspapers and magazines like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, In Touch Magazine and People Magazine.

Speaking Roses is already in over 30 countries and is projected to be in over 100 countries in less than 5 years.  Future plans include building their own wire service so that people all over the world can send and receive Speaking Roses through affiliates at the touch of a button.

Speaking Roses was awarded Best Product of the Year in 2005 by the Promotional Product Association International, the largest promotional product group in the world, an industry that is around 20 billion dollars in the US alone, competing against thousands of different products at the Annual Fair in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

Speaking Roses was nominated for Best Product in the Horti International Fair in Holland, the largest flower fair in the world.

Speaking Roses can be purchased for almost the same as a regular bouquet from local distributors or online at http://www.speakingroses.com.

For more information, contact
Tammy Collins, Public Relations, 1-(801) 660-7339 –  tammy@speakingroses.com
Sherman Gardner, 1-(801) 660-8890 - sherman@speakingroses.com

or visit the Speaking Roses website.

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