Many people have been asking us:

Who is your competition? What about the Chinese machine that is sold on-line through some websites from China, that in some cases are using the brand name Speaking Roses?

Let our customers that bought the “Chinese Machine” tell you what they think:

Comparison Table

Speaking Roses Business
Chinese Machine

We are the original company with over 15 years
of knowledge that we pass onto our customers.

No experience nor know how in handling,
processing and packaging printed flowers.

Worldwide recognition, featured in over HUNDREDS of media
publications including mega Hollywood events. Video

Infringing in our trademarks, copyrights, no history.

Hands on Training, Online University training,
training Manuals.

No training.

Phone and video customer service support
in multiple languages.

No support.

Store Program, designed by worldwide recognized
store designers in the industry.

Not available.

Able to print around 6-10 flowers per minute,
300 average per hour. Proven and tested for over 15 years.

Before you print each flower you need
to glue the flowers and wait for over 10 minutes for
each flower to dry. Not ideal for a business.

Access to THOUSANDS of pictures, media,
and PR tools to promote your BUSINESS.


Strong patents in the USA and over 32
countries around the world.


Marketing and PR Training with Best
Practices from all our customers AROUND THE WORLD.


Able to print on Metallic colors like Gold,
Silver, Copper and also white.

Can’t print on Metallic colors or white ink.

Licensing Program with all the know how and back end support
of an International licensing company.

A machine from China

LIFE TIME Warranty in our products.

No warranty.

Outstanding printing quality, clear and crispy.

No consistency.

We offer a website with PR, marketing and
shopping cart with hundreds of products to choose from.