About Us

Please "Take Notice"

We have identified a few fraudulent companies in the international markets who are contacting our potential customers. They have stolen some information from our proprietary website and have even used our logos, pictures and brands, which are officially registered trademarks in countries throughout the world. These offenders have been notified and educated regarding our patents and trademarks.

However, if for some reason some person or group is trying to contact you saying that they have the rights to sell Speaking Roses licenses in their country, or representing us in any way, please contact us at international@speakingroses.com, and we will share with you the facts, and confirm who owns the licenses or if the country is still open for selling the exclusive licensing. We have even received copies of falsified documents with names of Speaking Roses officers that have been used to fraudulently sell licenses. For this purpose, we are seeking to educate the consumer about how they might best perform their "due diligence" and have a good experience in owning and managing a "Speaking Roses" operation.

We have invested millions of dollars in proven processes, product development, etc., and we provide all of that to our customers. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us directly.

You will know whether a flower is a Speaking Roses product or not, simply by the quality and the fresh look . It is usually easy to spot a counterfeit product by looking for the “plastic looking” petals that are a result of our competition having to coat the surface of the petal before it will accept the inkjet printer ink. Many times you can see the obvious sticker look that happens when a temporary tattoo type sticker is used. In any situation where you are not sure if you are dealing with a true Speaking Roses product, please feel free to contact us for verification at legal@speakingroses.com.