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We turn REAL flowers, into greeting cards, souverniers or even promotional products!

Speaking Roses has a rosy future!

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Why you should consider becoming an Exclusive Territory Developer?

Join us on a remarkable journey towards a new paradigm of expression.

What is Speaking Roses?

In simple words, we patented the system to print on LIVE flowers - YES! - Fresh real flowers.

Consider the paper industry as an example. It is an enormous industry that encompasses various sectors, such as printing and graphics. As a result, new industries have emerged, including magazines, books, and greeting cards. We have followed a similar approach, but with flowers! YES, real flowers! Surprisingly, we have obtained a patent for a groundbreaking process that allows us to print on flowers. Whether they are preserved, real, or even silk flowers, we can now use them as a medium to convey messages. In fact, the message itself has become the defining aspect of the industry and determines where these printed flowers can be sold.

Why you should consider becoming a Master Area Developer?

Owning a territory with our company presents an enticing opportunity rooted in our groundbreaking efforts to revolutionize a multi-billion dollar industry that has remained stagnant for decades. Through our innovative use of flowers as a vehicle, combined with a steadfast focus on delivering impactful messages, Speaking Roses has unlocked the potential to penetrate diverse industries where our product can be sold. This positions us to tap into a lucrative and dynamic market, leveraging our extensive expertise and a proven track record of successful market entry.

Whether it's personalized flowers, preserved or fresh, we possess the exceptional ability to transform these exquisite blooms into cherished keepsakes, captivating promotional items, licensed brand gifts, and much more within the ever-expanding personalized industry. We are actively seeking visionary partners in every country, individuals who share our passion and are eager to embark on this remarkable journey alongside us.

As trailblazing pioneers and founders of the concept of printing on flowers, we have meticulously crafted a comprehensive global strategy encompassing e-commerce, diverse channels, and the potential for distribution through franchising. Backed by years of invaluable experience and the wisdom gained from our past endeavors, our new worldwide strategy entity is poised to emerge as the unrivaled leader within this extraordinary multi-billion dollar market opportunity.

Benefits of being a Master Distributor with Speaking Roses:

  • Many years of experience and valuable lessons learned.
  • Possessing the technology and creativity to create unique and personalized gifts that disrupt the world.
  • Personalization is in high demand, aligning with the current era of personalization.
  • Tapping into a multi-billion dollar industry that experiences consistent demand regardless of the economic climate.
  • Exclusive access to the company's patented process, allowing for a competitive edge in the market.
  • A strong management team with decades of experience.
  • Led by highly experienced professionals with nearly 60 years of combined expertise in entrepreneurship, operations, franchising, e-commerce brands, and coaching business opportunities.
  • A scalable business model that can be easily replicated in new markets.
  • Recognition through numerous awards and accolades for innovative products.
  • Extensive media coverage, having been featured in over 500 publications.
  • As a Master Distributor, the ability to adopt the company's strategies to your specific country and area, leveraging their knowledge and extensive background.

By becoming a Master Distributor with Speaking Roses, you gain access to a wealth of experience, cutting-edge technology, and a proven business model that can propel your success in the personalized gifting industry.

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You're aware of how challenging it is to make an impression on the media, right? Well, we've managed to do just that! We've been featured in numerous media publications, including prestigious events like the Rose Bowl and the Kentucky Derby. We were even recognized as the top product on the E TV Channel. And to top it all off, imagine Tom Cruise himself presenting our flowers on the Ellen show during Mother's Day!

Join the revolution in the floral industry with Speaking Roses.